Monday, February 4, 2008

Nothing exploded, and I still have 10 fingers.

Today I started my new job; and though I haven't said much about it, I have been seriously excited for a number of reasons. The first 20 I won't even mention, because if you're reading this blog you'd probably make the very same list yourself.

I have a full-time, monday through friday job at Make One Yarn Studio.

No kidding! I really do.

In honour of my first day, I wore a tiara.

I put a lot of sales through, and the till didn't explode, melt down, or suddenly flash a big note about the newbie messing up. I answered the phone and didn't call the shop something incorrect, like: Wood Floors. I put tags on things, and it certainly appears that all the tags were in the right places. A LARGE shipment of Cookie A. sock patterns came in, and I drooled on hardly any of them. I did not spend more money than I made today. Can you imagine what self control that took? I'm talking BOXES of sock yarn at my very fingertips, and I didn't buy any. I *might* have allowed myself a tiny little Evelyn Clarkism; but honestly, it was a tiny slip. Someone came in and modeled their very first pair of handmade socks.

There were two classes running this evening, and the place was hopping when I left at 7.

Not one, single, solitary time today did I have to worry about amputating a body part. Man... That's worth something.

I hope your day was even 1/2 as good!


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you today and wondering to myself about the new job...and what it could be....A YARN SHOP???!!!
Now that sounds like HEAVEN!!

Bellflower said...

Congratulations! Now... cookie a patterns, you say?