Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super pancake tuesday

Here's my day... I had to get up early to take Mug to school, because it's Shrove Tuesday. As we arrived, she wondered if her friend was coming to school for breakfast too.. kind of sounded like if she wasn't, that Mug would like to go home until the regular start time. Hmmm. Not so much.

On the way back home I stopped for a pedestrian just long enough to be rear-ended by a woman in a truck on black ice. I have to say, she was scared half to death, and I've been thinking of her all day long.

Went to work, and man alive.. there is YARN at Make One. Phew. Yarn, Yarn, Yarn.. Smooshie sock yarn on a table for fondling. And people. Today was stitch and bitch, and it was also Trish's birthday. When I left, there was a superb birthday gathering.. well.. gathering strength. Carrena brought her babies, so the room was tumbling with puppies as well.

Got home to discover that one of the pets had barfed on the Nattuzi. We have one good piece of furniture, and the pets aren't allowed on it. We have always known that it was party central the very moment that we left the house... but until today the chair was no worse for wear. Oh well.. pets do stuff like occasionally barf.

Tonight I knit on Mr.G until I ran out of wound yarn; then switched to the fir-cone shawl. Me and BF have been watching the news and wondering what will happen in the US. A woman? A black man? An X-prisoner of war?

Some days are like living in a pinball game.

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