Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's official!

I've left The Knitting Room to spend the next month working on The Loop!

Yarn and accessories are starting to arrive, the painting is almost done, and we're starting to work on a logo and graphics. We hope for a grand opening near May 1, but starting this Thursday we'll be hosting knit nights! It'll be a jobsite, but we'll be there knitting.

See you there!

Ps: In my wisdom, I forgot to include the address! You can find The Loop at 1978 Kensington Road NW, in Calgary. Our phone number is 403-457-3020 (and should be hooked up tomorrow afternoon)

To answer a few questions...

If you are hoping to see anything beyond an empty green room, you'll probably be better off waiting a little while! There are no retail products (or even shelving) on site at present. If you'd like to knit in the midst of chaos and dirt, well come on down! You'll be welcome after 5pm. We currently have about 10 chairs.