Thursday, February 21, 2008

Men. Coming and going.

It was Art's funeral today; time to bid him goodbye. I have become overwhelmingly emotional so funerals aren't a really good place for me. I worry about being the floor show. Nobody wants a floor show at a funeral. So.. I almost didn't go, even though I really love Art and his family, and it would have been a terrible thing not to have been there. Sandra kicked me out of the shop, and when I got to the funeral chapel God hooked me up with some really great, strong, funny people. It made it easier to hold it together, even when Art's granddaughter fell apart in my arms. I love her. Phew. I remember when she was a baby and she couldn't say grandpa, so she called him Pumpa. For years, actually. It makes me smile just to think of it.

When I got home my brother called. I didn't know it was him; didn't recognize the phone number, so I let it go. Later I'll press delete and he'll be gone from my day. He's probably so high by now that I'm gone from his.

Mr.Greenjeans has one completed sleeve, and now I'm getting excited. I have to work on Friday night for a bit and all day Saturday.. Think it's possible to get that sweater finished in the time I have left before Monday strikes again?

Dunno.. but it's worth a try. Either that or wear it with the one sleeve.


Anonymous said...

What an emotional day you've had :-(
I hope tomorrow is better for you luvvy.....xoxo

AfternoonMoon said...

I am looking forward to casting on a GreenJean;s as well. How do you like it so far? Sorry about the funeral. I am glad you were able to go, I've heard it said that "you never really regret the things you do, just the things you don't do."