Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here's me, not sleeping at 1:48 am

And wondering about the Michelle yarn over. Ever heard of it?

Turns out I've been yarn'overing *backwards* for my entire knitting career. I don't bring the yarn towards me, between the needles, but over the right needle and then between. Marilynn tells me that the only other person she knows of that does this is Michelle..

I'm wondering if it's an Atlantic Canadian method... because I believe that's Michelle's background, and it is mine too (my nan was from Newfoundland, and she taught my mom who taught me).

How about you? Do you do the Michelle yarn over; and if so, do you have an East coast connection?


knittinggrammy said...

Hey Sweet Pea;

Suffice it to say I'm honored that you're naming your YO after me but really I think it's a european way - Correna also YO the same way (I think)....PS I would love to be from the Maritimes but alas my Dutch grandmother taught me to it on a wee tiny farm east of Coaldale (which is east of Lethbridge)....I'm actually from Readymade!!

Annie said...

well gosh, i feel honoured now that i know that correna and you YO the same way! pretty good company if you ask me. wellllll... my maritimes theory was completely wrong!

Dana S. Whitney said...

I yarn over that way. No major East Coast connections... just self taught. I did a sort of investigation on them not to long ago and I found about 5 kinds! Who knew?