Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cure for a bad button band?

Cast on a shawl, of course.

We'll ignore the Fire-Cone (as it progresses, I think the yarn isn't right for the project), and Mystic Waters (it's still on a time out). I have a skein of Curious Creek Wasonga fingering weight in the 'Autumn in New England' colourway. I had been admiring the colourway in silk, so I jumped at it in Merino when it became available. Anyway, I've got 5 or 6 repeats done, so it's on it's way.

I've got a soldier on my mind. He is the son of an old friend, and he was scheduled to leave for Afghanistan in November.

He plays the bagpipes (beautifully), and that talent made him a very good fit into cadets. He was part of the organization for many years; eventually aging out and soon joining the army. I know that he was so happy when he found cadets; he found himself, actually; he had really excellent experiences and great training.

But, crap. He's in a war. For what, exactly? It's just too real.

I admire him and all soldiers, but I don't admire politics in the least.


A sneak peak of 'Zed'.

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