Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No bleeding, but we did get Dream in Colour

Ya Baby. We so did. Boxes of it. There was cheering.

Also, I put stickers on 5 baskets of Malabrigo; re-skeined some of it too.. gosh, it's so bright and beautiful in the store.

Bess is there this evening giving a spinning class. She brought her friend Tracy along with bags and bags of natural fleece. The entire store smells like sheep, and I have to say, I just LOVE that smell. So far I haven't ventured very far outside of commercial rovings. I've bought a few bags of cleaned mohair and alpaca from a local farm, but that's the extent of it. Part of me wants to scour and cuss at fleece.

Once I was happy to knit, and then I learned how to spin. I was satisfied to do that until I started to dye. I can feel the next step creeping up on me, I really can.

A picture of the moon tonight.. just in case it's cloudy at your house.

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