Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blood, sweat and tears at the yarn store.

Ok, the tears were purely from laughter, the blood story is to follow, and I did break a small sweat when I washed the floors. So here we go with the story:

Let's say that you've been in hardwood for the past few years; believe me, the chance of seeing your own blood is fairly high.

I would start each day with a prayer that I would return home with all of my fingers, and that nobody would get hurt. Honestly. So, when I started working at Make One I began telling BF each morning that heck.. no blood will be let, so how great is that? You will NEVER guess what happened today...

She (who shall remain nameless) was at the store, doing a bit of organization and moved (get this) a piece of HARDWOOD (and not mine I might add); the darned thing fell back off the shelf and grazed her head. The subsequent bleeding was fairly significant, I have to say, though the injury was minimal. At one point, I had a cold, wet towel on the top of her head, and I was washing loads of blood from her forehead... The comment? 'You're washing off my makeup'.. You just have to laugh!!! (In all fairness, she had no clue that she was bleeding to that extent, and thought that I was overdoing it somewhat!).

All is well, overall... but I couldn't help but think that only I could encounter blood in a yarn store. I am shaking my head.. I really am!

Mr.G is giving me trouble. The yarn, actually. I mentioned a few days ago that it is pooling in the sleeve. I frogged about 1/2 a sleeve and joined a new ball. It did exactly the same thing. I then tried alternating between two balls, and it's doing a really lovely spiral, AND pooling. I'm not sure what to do now. Any suggestions?

Regarding vintage wool yarn: I posted a question on knitlist, and I also wrote to Custom Woolen Mills, and the responses were that vintage wool is usable if moths have not become an issue. Yeah! I'm glad.

Finally; someone I've known for a very long time left this earth a few days ago. I just found out tonight. I know that for him it was time, but I feel selfish and sad that he's gone. I'd just like to send one up for Art. I'll miss your smile.


Brinda said...

That is too funny about the accident! I know so many people that would react the same way, lol.

So sorry to hear about your friends. Big hugs. It's ok to be a little selfish.

Lisaleh said...

Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend - it's not selfish to mourn - it's human.

Linda said...

I loved my friend.
He went away from me.
There's nothing more to say.
The poem ends
Soft as it began-
I loved my friend.

-Langston Hughes

I'm so sorry for your loss.