Saturday, February 2, 2008

I put on a fearless knitter button

Because I'm going to cut a steek and put a zipper into a sweater that I love more than life itself. I figure I've earned it.

And, get this... my X husband has been in town all week. That in itself has turned me into a more pious woman because I've been on my knees, thanking God, that we're divorced. Phew.

Tomorrow I'm going to Dida's to install hardwood in her kitchen, entryway, hallway and bathroom. I got the wood for free from work, so we have a limited amount to play with, but those areas HAD to be replaced so that Dida and SIL can sell their condo (they're building a new house in Airdrie). Dida came over this afternoon and said that John (the X) is currently wearing SIL's underwear and t-shirt (2 sizes too small) that he took out of the dryer (without asking); and that she caught him with a box cutter just about to cut their living room carpet because HE decided that the living room needs a wood floor too. Can you even fathom the NERVE of the guy? She said he's been smoking in her car. It goes on and on.

Thank you Jesus. That's all I have to say.

Tonight I cast on a micro-premie jacket; I'm going to need that fearless button to knit it. Because I know.


Linda said...

That's my favorite part about my ex... the "X" part. Makes everything they do so easy to bear. And funnier, as well. ;-)

That sweater is truly awesome. Go forth and steek, you brave woman. I can't wait to see the result!

Bellflower said...

Steeks. Yikes, you truly are brave.

KC said...

Go, Go, Go. You can do it!

Love the bit about the X.

Congrats on the wood floor, gotta love free. KC

knittinggrammy said...

I have goose bumps on my arms....steeks and X's...both are scary thoughts!!