Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm so far behind, I'm first

I've been knitting up a storm, but my blogging schedule is all off wack due to my new hours. I'll get it figured out! So.. Let's start here:


Yesterday I knitted the Sunflower Tam (from Knitting Nature). It was a great little project and i LOVE my tam. I had to felt it because it was way too large, and even then the ribbing was too big, so I hand sewed every 4th rib together on the interior of the band. It looks great, and fits great.. I'd intentionally felt the next one I knit because I really like the result. I have a few extra balls of Lopi, so I think I will make another to go with my (still unsteeked) Hela.

Recently at Make One a number of these little hardwood sock blocker key-chains arrived. Inside is a pattern for a sock to go on the blocker. Well, the whole thing just tickled me pink, so I bought one, and as soon as I got home I knitted a Fleece Artist Seawool version. Later I designed a lace version, knitted from Zephyr.. but it's going to be for a mini-sock exchange, so I'll keep the picture to myself. i LOVE it though! Super cute.


Making some progress on the Fir-Cone shawl. It's going really well. When it's done, I've decided to dye it with Provence Tea from Steeps in Calgary. I test dyed a little swatch, and it looks really great.


I dyed Merino to spin at the Make One Spin-In on saturday. I really like how it turned out (which is way greener than what the picture shows).. it'll make some nice camo'ish socks for Jim I think. Anyway, I didn't make the Spin-In; I had some errands to run first, and the girls to deal with while BF took Aidan to snowboard lessons.. needless to say, I drove for hours and spun not at all. Next time for sure; I just hate that I missed it.


I've cast off the body of Mr. Greenjeans after increasing the length by 2.5". What Not to Wear has convinced me that I need the end of the sweater to bisect my butt.. you know.. to create length, as opposed to width. Got the sleeves started, and I expect to be wearing Mr.G next week (after a serious blocking... phew that cabling pulls things in!)

And, finally, Charity Knitting Night. It went so well! People started to arrive at 1pm, and I understand that by night's end there were about 30 knitters. I was not one of them... my original plan was to knit for stillborn babies and donate to the bereavement group at the Peter Lougheed. However, at the time I was hatching my plan, I hadn't started work at Make One yet. Turns out that I was at the till, and although Sandra offered to let me knit (about 200 times!), I thought it wasn't a good decision on my part.. so I stayed by the till, and worked on colourways. I have knitted one tiny hat, and have a sweater about 50% completed. I'll drop it off at the hospital soon.

The event went really well, and it was a fabulous cause. Thank you Michelle, Amy and Sandra for bringing everything to fruition.

So.. that's about it for me! I hope that I can soon get back into the swing of things once my new hours become 'normal'.

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