Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do you know of Post Secret?

Here is my secret. I believe that what I love most will go. Because of that belief I ruin relationships through fear.

Please don't tell me that I'm wrong. Just know that this was my secret.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spin, spin, spin

Besides my work day, that's about the sum total of my accomplishments yesterday. I spent a few hours spinning Shetland, and I think that it will be a really nice addition to my year of Estonia/Orenburg lace knitting. We'll see. So far it's looking like a 2 ply lace, but a bit neppy and noilly due to second cuts. I think it will be good in the long run.

I didn't ride yesterday.. as I was about to leave I heard 'chances of snow flurries', and rejigged my plans. Instead of snow flurries there was a quick, fierce blizzard, and now the roads and sidewalks are in pretty poor condition for a safe ride home from work. I think I'm going to have to use my fluid trainer for the next couple of months. I had to laugh tho.. on the way home, as I was stopped at a light, I saw a young man, sans helmet, lights or even any warm clothes, riding home on his unicycle.

He is the winner.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The do nothing weekend


Instead we discovered that Banana's 13th birthday party wasn't next Saturday, it was THIS Saturday, at the very same time that BFML was scheduled to be at a hockey game with BGA, and a fund raising bingo directly afterwards. Did I mention that the Banana had invited approximately 10 girls? After a great deal of house cleaning and schedule shuffling we indeed held a birthday sleepover, serving gourmet hot dogs with home made chili, and numerous other toppings; strawberry cheesecake to follow. There were movies, there was much loudness, there was very little sleep.

Simultaneously all three dogs came down with something horrendous. Rox very nearly ended up at the emergency vet clinic, but by 5am she stabilized. Chicken broth and rice for the bunch of them today. We're reconsidering raw feeding in general. I don't believe her constitution can handle any surprises. Could it have been an extreme case of stress? That many teenage girls can be the last straw for a human, let alone a skittish dog.

Somehow, in the middle of that, I spun a good portion of the shetland that I washed, and Correna and I picked and carded. It's a nice light grey to charcoal... kind of an uneven lace weight, as the fiber was peppered with second cuts. I tell ya.. a little bit goes a long way (by the way, this isn't one of Tracy's shetlands).

I've been knitting on a little red hat that I found in Piecework. I like it, tho I suspect it's about 10 sizes too big. I'm also working on a Cowichan sweater and hat set. It's the first and the last that I'll ever knit... just not my bag. The sleeves are left to do, and.. well, 6 million ends need to be dealt with.

We did a little Christmas shopping; I'm pretty well done with Mug, Dida and Katerina. Otherwise I'm making progress.

The dogs are fighting... that's a good sign.

Think the back roads and pathways are clear enough for a bike ride tomorrow? We'll see.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hi Christine!

I would love to talk with you regarding LQT. You can write me at: spinknit at me dot com. Only.. well, you know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I'm at work right now because I can't get home

Well, I can't get home before my head explodes from frustration. At the moment I can't actually get out of the parkinglot because the road in front of it appears to be glare ice. I had a plan B, but the guy on the radio just told me I was smoking something funny if I thought I was driving home that way.

Does the universe not know that it's pizza night? Geez.

So, now I'm going to explode your head by saying that last night the two tea cosy silent auctions ended, and I am thrilled beyond reason to announce that our two cosies sold for $300.00. My donation page isn't updated completely, but I believe I'm approximately 60-something percent done on my goal. My plan is to keep fund raising and to send my results to IK.. cuz we're a team.

Right now I have a hand woven Noro scarf to sell; several pairs of socks and mitts that Martha knit, a pair of socks for Trisha, sock blockers, stitch markers raffle tickets... Kayla designed the most beautiful shawl and she's going to let me sell the pattern.

I just don't know what to say. I'm so proud and thrilled and blessed and touched. I know so many good, giving people. I'm grateful.

Cancer? The knitters/weavers are after you. Look out.

Monday, November 23, 2009

This is a list

I'm going to be sad when I have to start riding in the light again. BFML bought me a new headlight, and it rocks the free world. I can see so clearly... I could actually read a discarded chocolate bar wrapper on the pathway. I could see what was a hole, and what was a bump, what was a rock and what was a leaf. I could see a ninja well before I was near her (her.. I knew it was a woman). She was walking away from me.

I have a new route, and it's calm; peaceful. I have more lights, everywhere. My Dollybird gave me wind pants, and fleece pants to go under them. She also gave me a wicking shirt, all of which I wore today. I was warm.

My new route gently runs downhill, so I get to cruise for approximately 15 blocks.

I stopped listening to my iPod, because it messes up the quiet.

I smell... leaves burning. Chicken dinners. A joint. The river. Coffee.

I see... the river in darkness, smoother and satiny. The interior of houses at dinner time. A dog with a florescent collar. The park, in pitch dark.

There are... no more skateboarders. Hardly any pedestrians. No black dogs on long leashes. No more rollerbladers. Not many cyclists. I'm almost never passed. I almost never have to pass.

There was no wind on the way home. Not even a breeze.

I thought the night was going to be my worst case scenario. With a little planning and a few changes, it turned into something really special... like that one rainy day that I rode through. Such a pleasant surprise.

Today a number of miracles happened to me.

Rose and Correna helped me at the shop. I was buried alive in yarn that had arrived, I needed to prepare/execute three orders, and the store was jam packed. With their help almost everything was handled.

I saw JSmoothie and Fiona. That was such an unexpected pleasure. Fiona isn't a toddler any more, that's for sure.

There's a middle miracle that isn't my story - so I'm dispensing with details. A friend, Leanne, became an answer to prayer.. she came with information, contacts and support. I don't have words to address how much it meant to me, and how much I needed her today.

When I got home today, BFML met me at the door to let me know that Genetics had called. I've been approved for genetic research regarding Long QT Syndrome. My DNA leaves for Italy this week. We'll hear something in 6 months to a year; to me that sounds fast, I've been waiting 7 years so far.

Sweet Jennifer donated to my Ride to Conquer Cancer fund.

And I safely road home in the dark.

There was lasagna.

There was knitting.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life, since I started stalking DonnaJ

I dunno.. you meet somebody and you know that they're somebody special.. and even at my age, you wonder if you're cool enough to be her friend. You hope you are.

There she is; funny, talented, interesting, and having reached SABLE (stash accumulated beyond life expectancy), laughingly shares that her yarn room had an avalanche. Damn, that room was amazing, even with the avalanche. If someone shut you in there, you'd starve to death before you ever tried the door to see if it was, in fact, locked. That same day several of us sat outside in her yard and spun yarn (I was working on the Bison for the Miralda shawl), drank iced coffees, ate fresh shortcake.. it was some kind of heaven.

Donna has a wheel collection, and she was kind enough to lend me her Majacraft Rose. I never gave it back (is that stealing?). She donated two (not one, but two) Tsock Tsarina kits to benefit the potluck fundraiser that Bellie threw for us. I was lucky enough to score both of them, through luck, the grace of God, and $40. I KNOW that I am going to turn the Golden West sock kit into a first place ribbon at Stampede. Watch me!

OK, so there was this purple mohair shawl that Donna knit for Sandra and Amy when the store first opened (Sandra told us how Donna used to come and basically taught her about the finer aspects of yarn). When I was managing the store, I used to wear the shawl around my hips, like a skirt, because my thighs were always freezing (go figure). Lately I've been thinking a lot about that shawl, and I asked Bess if I could buy it off of her. She told me I could have it (even though it is so pretty, and is a lovely store sample). I don't know how I'm going to repay her for such kindness, but I have GOT to tell you... today i wore that shawl all day long, and I just feel so great that it's mine.

Might just sleep with it. I haven't decided.

I'm not against the Mo.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Helmet liner

The helmet liner pattern can be found here. I knit mine without the ear flaps, but otherwise it was unaltered.

Click through all of the patterns if you have the time. They really are great.


We're having fajitas tonight, and I remembered to soak beans for frijoles. When we were in Mexico in the spring we were served plenty of them, that is a fact. Most of the kids (and a few of the adults) weren't all that enamored, but I love the stuff. Correna, Gordana and I have been to a Latin grocery store a number of times lately, and I've got a sizable collection of dried beans of every sort. Tonight? White Cranberry.

I'm all over the place with knitting these days. I've knitted 2.5 pairs of socks to raise money for my ride, I repaired a vintage Cowichan sweater, I started on a pair of Tsock Tsarina socks (Daughter of the Regiment) only to discover that the pattern has errata, and the error would be exactly in the part that I've completed. I'm excited about the socks, so I'll let them rest for a while, and start again. I learned 3 new ways to cast-on toe-up socks (they aren't my style, I must admit), and finally settled on Judy's Magic Cast-On. Beautiful. Through the power of prayer and $40.00 I also have another Tsock Tsarina kit; that being the Golden West tsocks. I thought I'd work on them during the Year of Estonian/Orenburg Lace Knitting.. you know; for a little change of pace.

Today I'm knitting on a little Damson shoulder shawl in Pagewood Farm Cashmere sock yarn (Alyeska, colour: 14-Ireland) that I bought at Purl SoHo when we went to Rhinebeck last year. This will be the yarn's 5th project so far. I have to say, it frogs well and still looks great. I'm hoping that this project is a keeper and I can once and for all say goodbye to the skein.

I am STILL not feeling well, and that's the reason for the Damson. My hands ache too much to knit socks.. so we're settling for something soft and easy.

My next project? Longies for one of the darling R's.

After the beans, and after a sock, but before the Damson sees the light of day.

(note: 11pm. Beans are done. Supper is a distant memory. Failbean)

Friday, November 13, 2009


ACV does not cure insomnia or neurotic poodles.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ACV cures all.

At least that's what they say.

You may or may not know that I went poo-free several months ago. My friend Jocelyn was giving it a try because it's believed, in some circles, that if you kick the shampoo, your curly hair will be curlier. After about 3 months of it, I have to say that it is, in fact, true. Some people wash their hair using a paste of baking soda, and then rinse with a little apple cider vinegar (henceforth referred to as acv) and water. I tried that, but it wasn't particularly successful for me, so I switched to washing my hair with a really super cheap conditioner. The trick is to find one with out any word in the ingredient list that ends with 'cone'. Cone free. Then rinse with the acv/warm water, followed by clear water. My hair is quite curly to begin with, but I was finding it frizzy. Now it's curlier, less frizzy, but I have to wash it more often (that could be due to cycling/helmet head tho.. I'm not sure). Several times I've gone back to shampoo, but after one wash I always remember why I switched in the first place, and out comes the Rexall conditioner bottle.

(Yes, I know it's midnight.. I can't sleep, so I'm talking vinegar here)

Ok, recently I've been suffering (and suffering in the truest sense of the word) from extreme body pain. Could be one of about 20,000 reasons, but I'm attributing it to the (ahem) flu. I thought I had it kicked, but damn.. it's back again. I tried Tylinol, I tried Motrin, I even tried T3's (even tho I'm allergic to them.. it was a last resort). I had hot baths. I tried to ride it out. I tried to stop whining about it, but to no avail.

While reading threads on a (wait for it...) cycling forum or two, I found a whole lot of information on joint/muscle pain relieved via a daily shot of acv. Apparently it solves acid reflux to boot. Some claim their appetites were dampened while on the acv regime, and one person even mentioned that if applied with a q-tip daily for months and months, that toenail fungus will clear up.

Seriously, it sounds too good to be true, but I was thinking that it's worth a try. What the heck?

So the BFML and I took a trip down to Community Health and picked up a gallon of non-filtered, non-pasturized acv. I mostly take it mixed with a little unpasturized honey and a big glass of water (then I rinse my mouth, because I don't want the acid erosion on my teeth); sometimes if I'm in a hurry I just throw back a shot glass and be done with it... but that's not for the wimpy amoung us. My girl Natasha says that it is disgusting mixed with V-8, so let's believe her, and skip that combo.

I still have muscle pain/aches, but I'm not done with the flu (effing thing). I do think that my heart burn is better and I haven't had any acid reflux at all. Must acid cure acid? Dunno.

I'm not admitting to any wonky toenails.

There is no scientific evidence that apple cider vinegar has any medicinal properties. While the folksy anecdotes from those who claim to have benefited from apple cider vinegar tonics may be amusing to read, they are simply that -- anecdotes. Luckily, I'm into anecdotes.

Gotta say tho, if you are in my vicinity and you suddenly feel like ordering fish and chips or eating pickles, I apologize.

As an aside, tomorrow morning some of the fire damage repairs begin. Roofers are coming, and also the door/wall guy. Should be a tough day for the BFML and the pups, but gosh, we'll be glad to see some of the work done. There's a draft in the living room like you wouldn't believe. If you you take the rag out of the hole, you can peep outside. Not a good quality for the winter months.

In the dark

Knitters, I apologize in advance. Stay tuned for a forthcoming knitting related post.

These last few days I've been getting back on the bike after a round of flu. My strength is sapped and my time/speed sucks, but I'm moving again. However, things have changed.

What I have loved during this spring/summer of cycling has been experiencing the seasons again. Spring was so lovely, with ducklings wandering across the path, leaves budding... I could smell green grass and moving water. As summer approached there was a new thing to revel in every day, though some parts were infuriating (three times large black dogs nearly removed chunks of me), others kept me motivated day after day (the cyclist who, as he passed me, said: good pace. I was a new commuter then, struggling along with my heavy cruiser).

Suddenly it was fall. There was a morning where, deep into thought, I suddenly snapped into the moment and was completely disoriented. Leaves had fallen, and in that second I couldn't recognize my surroundings. It was the strangest feeling, and I was almost afraid for a second or two. Everything was different.. instead of smelling sweet green things, now the scent of dry leaves and smoke became common.

The time changed, and I realized that I had to rethink the whole commute. Parts of me are now too cold, so I knitted a helmet liner that would cover my chin, neck and upper chest. My tights are no longer sufficient, so I tried riding in jeans (fail), and now I'm considering some kind of wind pant to put over the tights. I have the right jacket, the right gloves; I've changed from riding in sneakers to wearing ankle boots.

It's dark. Doesn't sound like much, but I'm telling you, riding in the dark is a whole new ball of wax, a completely new skill set (which I currently don't possess).

HOME ROAD became impossible [for me] to [safely] navigate downhill... The first dark evening nearly scared me to death as I flew down the hill unable to clearly see the pavement, cars whizzing by my left elbow - stupid driver trying to rush out of a driveway before I crashed into the side of his car. Never again will I repeat that, so over the last few days I've been trying new routes. Last night I hit pay dirt, and found a combination of side-streets that were quiet, lit and.. all gently downhill. It was amazing. I coasted approximately 15 blocks before I had to put my foot to the peddle. After dozens of rides in raging winds, dozens more slogging up HOME ROAD, I feel like I've earned that free-ride. Problem solved.

Lighting also became an issue that isn't completely solved. I had purchased a really sweet headlight and thought that it was all I needed. Grossly incorrect. It really is quite effective at letting me be seen by those approaching, but that's about all it does well. I couldn't be seen from the side or from the rear, and more importantly I couldn't see where I was going. Curves suddenly appeared. Ninjas on the path (unlit walkers & runners wearing black clothing.. can't see them until the last moment, and it's difficult to perceive if they are approaching or retreating).. leaves or rocks? Potholes or raised pavement?

After a great deal of research and a trip to MEC I decided that I was going to 'go circus'. Now only a blind person could miss me. I currently have the same headlight, but BFML ordered me a serious replacement (I noticed last night that approximately 3 out of 4 riders have replaced their headlight with something much brighter). I have a flashing red light on the back of my bike, and another on my backpack. We installed some sparkling wheel lights that make me visible from the side, and also.. well, make me happy. It's like Christmas tree lights on my bike. I have a flashing white light on my helmet to top things off. I kind of love that one because it makes street signs light up/flash. My jacket, helmet and ankles are plastered with reflectors. All circus, all the time.

So, there I was, last night.. riding along the pathway through Shouldice park when I noticed that the tops of trees had lights skimming along them, to and fro. It struck me that I had a bicycle behind me on the path, and that the rider had a helmet lamp.

The rider never passed me.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Did you ever read Ayn Rand?

I did, and apparently now reading her is super cool, because she's back in. ahem.

If you haven't, you ought to..

I need to ask you why (why Lord, why?) haven't I ever tried Estonian lace before? I'm crazy in love with the project so far; tho I'm currently in a spot that could create severe catastrophic boneheaded aunty tink-sized fixoramas. Or not. The handspun Bison is just exactly right. Unless someone offers me the moon for it (to put towards my ride), I might just keep this one.

At the same time I'm knitting some socks for a TKR customer in support of my 2010 ride to conquer cancer. I'm 1/2 way done the second sock, which hasn't been such a big problem, since the recipient has size two feet. This totally and absolutely is restitution for the size 9 somethings that I had to knit for sock wars. Universe? We're even now. I acknowledge that.

Today I was going to ride my bike, but I couldn't locate my helmet (in the truck after the huge windstorm rescue). Friday for sure.

Also, today I met a new little person, named the lovely Miss E. If my ovaries weren't petrified, I think they'd be twinging.. gosh, she is beautiful in every way. Congratulations to her family (including me, a self appointed great-auntie).

I saw Judi Blue Eyes at the store, and I just can't put my joy into words; I missed her very much.. Also, Nancy L came in and had a visit. She didn't know that I am at the Knitting Room these days, so it was a nice re-connection.

Knitting? The Miralda, the second Camelot, many socks, and two secret Christmas type things. Soon? Another tea cosy for the KAL... and ok, a 'pretty thing' cowl or two.

Spinning? I'm going to card punis and actually try to spin Qivuit on Donna's wheel. I think that after spinning all that Bison, that I might have a handle on it. We'll see.

Now? So going to bed. Sleep well, all.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm knitting Estonian lace...

with my own handspun bison. I think I might be short, but Opera is going to share her stash so that I get the shawl finished.

There was a point in my life when I thought that Estonia was the end of everything good (don't ask.. it's a long, boring story), and here I am, with a warm, beautiful shawl in my lap and I'm all.. yayyyy Estonia.

Camera battery is dead, but what I've accomplished deserves a good photo. Perhaps the shop will share some good light tomorrow and I'll have something to post.

It's warmed up, and I think I'll be able to ride tomorrow.

And.. here's my Mugwump. Posted because she's so beautiful.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The fun theory

I've been knitting like a crazy woman (knit a sock and half a cowl today) to sell to raise money for the 2010 Ride to Conquer Cancer, and... well, I managed to put together a Thanksgiving dinner (thanks in whole to BFML, who did the grocery shopping). It all came together.

Things I'm thankful for? We have a roof over our heads, and we really shouldn't have one at this moment. Mug didn't have a stroke, and she is being good about patching her eye, and taking her pills. The puppy is a joy to have around. I am raising money for a really good cause. I have a job. I have lots to look forward to, and some really great options. My life is absolutely full of amazing, loving people. I could not be more blessed.

And it's a 3 day weekend. I have a stash.

Enough said.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I Christmas shopped today; last year I started in July, so I'm behind. I still feel pleasure at the fact that progress is made that didn't involve parking issues and long lines and jostling.

As well, I bought the ingredients for Vietnamese soup... which needs to get started right away.

It's possible I am working on Camelot #2 (in a darker colour), and if that were true then it's likely that back panel #1 is almost done.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A trip to the Children's Hospital

For me!

At long last it looks like the Long QT Syndrome genetic testing will begin in earnest. We met with the geneticists at the hospital yesterday and my blood is now on its way to having DNA extracted. All that is left to do is wait... first on financial approval from the hospital (which is fairly sure), and then probably 6 to 12 months more, while the people in Italy study our files and my blood. They tell us that if there is a gene issue that there's a 70% chance that they can identify that... well, that's a 70% better chance than we've ever had. My hope is that before Nini is a teenager, they'll be able to draw her blood and rule out LQT on the spot. Dida has never had symptoms, but that doesn't rule her out as a carrier.

As as an update... it didn't take the universe long to whack me in the head about the wind comment. Yesterday's ride home was near impossible; the wind was so fierce. As I was coming down HOME ROAD it was a direct headwind that slowed the bike down to a crawl.. without brakes I was just creeping down. The ride along the river was against a crosswind that wanted to push the bike over; trees were whipping around me and generally it was an hour of a special kind of hell.

Barely even knit last night. By 9:30 I was in bed.

Sometimes a person should just shut the heck up.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dear friggen unrelenting, summer-long headwind/crosswind:

Thank you. You made me strong and able. I'm sorry to have dissed you so bad all summer long, when in reality you were the greatest free training program available.

Bring it on (oh, please don't make me regret this).


ps: I'm knitting Casbah socks to raise money for my Ride to Conquer Cancer. One pair is almost finished, and I have an order for a second. Nice, nice socks, I must say. I was knitting on the second sock on Saturday night, at Roller Derby, when a strapping young woman came flying into our faces and in fact, pasted Mug to the bleachers. Everyone lived through it, but it was scary for a while. Besides that? Super.Fun. Don't miss Roller Derby if you have a chance.

And totally unrelated:

Natalie Dee rocks. Plain and simple. You should buy her stuff.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bath time for Apache

apache in the sink

He's still small enough to bathe in the sink, but not for long. He's having extreme fun at this moment, as you can clearly see.

apache going crazy after his bath

Here he is doing his impression of a whirling dervish. Roxy thinks he has gone crazy. I know this because she told me.


Here you have the cutest dog in the world. Tell me I'm wrong.

apache after his bath


Two hours from now, after he's woken from his nap and gone outside for a pee (where he will dig, and roll in dirt), he'll look almost exactly like he did before we started. And that's ok.

Martinis and knitting

May lead to a long life?


Queens of the fiber cannot dye mushroom shades. So any of you tangled darts out there, don't be trying to trick me into doing that on account of me trying to raise cash for cancer.

That is all.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did you see this in Knitting Daily?

A YouTube video on how to stretch silk cocoons, and then how to knit with them. To be honest, I wouldn't tug like that if I was going to knit, I would use the same technique as I do to spin, but I'd probably start with 4 or five layers instead of trying for one.

Up until the moment I saw this video I honestly believed that hankies were prepared in a way that did not kill the pupa. Processing. Processing. Processing.

Not even for money

That's all I have to say... tho I can see the logic in it if you needed a fingering weight lace, or planned on making yourself some silk socks (says the woman with a cone of white Zephyr).

Video is in Russian, but the words aren't necessary as far as I can tell.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If i had a camera in my hand

Today's picture would have been a little puppy with an entire mouthful of Qivuit. It was cuter than it was shocking; which was very. very. very.

So.. no pictures, but some news. On Sunday I will be doing my first training ride for the 2010 Ride to Conquer Cancer. I'm signed up and ready to go. What held me back was not knowing what percentage of funds raised would benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation. The answer is 100%. Overhead is covered by a $50.00, non-tax deductible, fee paid by all participants.

I will be riding for myself, Mette, and Tracey 'Trak' Hooper.

If you receive a product in exchange for your donation, you will not receive a tax receipt, but if you donate through my forthcoming Alberta Cancer Foundation website, you will.

I'm warning you in advance that I'm going to be having sales.. my stash is up for grabs. I've got some really great dyeing ideas (yo.. mojo.. glad to see you back). I'm gonna be knitting for hire. I'll have some auctions.

I'm going to raise at least $2,500.00 CDN, and I'm going to be crossing that finish line next year. But not alone. You'll have pushed me all along those 200 kilometers.

(quietly humming 'wind beneath my wings')

Sunday, September 20, 2009

2010, year of the nupp, year of Estonian, year of Orenburg

Year of crazy?

Of late I've been spinning Bison and Qiviut like a crazy woman, getting ready for 2010. I have almost all of the Bison in singles at the moment, and I plan on plying it with silk (which is not yet purchased.. I don't think I'll spin it).

I've spun miles of cobweb singles from the Qiviut, but I've barely touched it, overall. I have about 80 grams left to do.. the plan is to do 10 grams every day or so, but that hardly explains why it took me a year to do the first 30 grams.

After trials on my new Holly Tabachek Tibetan, on the Golding from Marilynn, and on the Cascade Tiger, I've decided to go with the Golding. It's a bit heavier than I'd like for the fiber, but the results are less fuzzy than with the Tabachek, and faster than the Tiger. My plan is to have all of those two fibers done and ready by the end of this year. As well, I washed about 50% of a Shetland fleece, ran it through the Pat Green Triple Picker, and then carded it on the Strauch Finest. The triple picker made a massive difference in the carding, and it ended up to be a joy to do. I might ply the Shetland singles with a Cashmerino cobweb single that I brought in from Colourmart (Haven't shopped there yet? Why the heck not?)

So it goes. At least that's the plan.

I'm not discussing the Cormo. Talk about your fly in the ointment.

I've barely written all summer

However, there has been lots going on; lots of knitting and spinning and birthdays and house fires, and fleece judging and work stuff and ... well, everything under the sun. I've got loads of photos to share, so in time I hope to catch up.

A gazillion to get you started.


This little guy has been growing like a weed, and now he looks like this:

We're really doing well together, and he's an absolute treasure. This latest picture of him was taken after he had a dig and a roll in the garden. It is impossible to keep him clean these days.

Everything he does is adorable, so I'll spare you all of the details.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I finished the Camelot recently, and I love it so much that I'm considering knitting another. For your viewing enjoyment, here's Mug.. erm... mugging.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Navajo plying

This morning I found a really great Youtube video of Sara Anderson Navajo plying. Awesome. Relaxed.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dear Butterfly,

Dear bird, dear star.

If you came to me today, that would be good.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Turkish Delight

Calorie free, and just as yummy...

A long time ago I wrote to the Jenkins' and asked for a spalted tamarind Turkish Delight spindle, only to find out that there was no more raw material to make one. Sigh...

Out of the blue, I received a note from Wanda Jenkins saying that they were able to make one more, and that it was ready for me, if I still wanted it.

Hell yes.

What I want to share with you is the amazing customer service that you can expect from the Jenkins'. When the spindle arrived, it was wrapped and re-wrapped in tissue paper, hand dyed silk hankies, and some undyed fiber to try. There was a hand written note from Wanda, wishing me joy in my spinning. Honestly, a perfect little spindle, in the wood that I dreamed of, was simply an aside compared to the love and kindness that went into the package.

This the kind of business I want to send my money too.

One thing, should you have the good sense to purchase a Turkish Delight, know that if you drop it the shaft will be tapped into the blades of the spindle. After a few drops it is quite difficult to remove, and there is a chance that the shaft could break during the process. If you drop your spindle as you spin, take a second and give the shaft a quick twist to make sure it remains untrapped.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The year of Estonian/Orenburg Lace

I thought I'd talk about it, even though putting the intention out into the universe makes me wonder if I've bitten off more than I can chew.

You may know that I've been collecting some Qivuit and that I've been spinning it on a tiny drop spindle (on and off for more than a year). I also have about 5 ounces of Bison that I've been spinning on Donna's Rose. So, here is the plan.

In 2010 I'm going to use the Bison to knit something from Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace of Estonia; most likely Miralda's Triangular Shawl. If that goes well, then I'm going to use all of the Qivuit to make a more difficult, and larger piece. I haven't decided on a pattern yet, but I've been doing some research on Galena Khmeleva's work. (fyi.. If you Google 'Galena Khmeleva Estonian Lace', the 5th entry is a blog post by Aunty Tink. I kid you not)

I am wondering what the difference is between Orenburg and Estonian lace, if anything. Chime in Aunty Tink.

So there you have it. No finished objects for me in 2010, that is for certain. If you were hoping for socks, it's looking poor.

What makes you happy?

This morning, after BFML and the dogs went downstairs, I laid in bed for nearly an hour watching Youtube videos.. Found the ones shown above. Happy. For sure.

Post a comment, won't you? Tell me what makes you happy.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Japanese knitting patterns

Having mentioned that I am the blessed recipient of a Let's Knit Series pattern book, I thought I'd also share a link where you can download a document to help with translating Japanese patterns (and buy a few too!).. just in case you'd like to jump on the bandwagon with me. Keeping in mind that 2010 is the year of Estonian Lace knitting (aka: the year of no fo's)... we'll have to shoehorn this teeny tiny endeavor into the schedule. Doable.

Some eye candy for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A random act of charm

.. and kindness ..

My friend's mom traveled to Japan some time ago, and she asked me if there was anything I would like.

I now own a beautiful Japanese pattern book. I'm totally thrilled.

And thankful.

Geoache link

Here's a video that explains a little about geocaching. It's a really great way to spend some time outdoors, and I love the treasure hunting aspect (tho, I rarely keep anything.. I just like the hunt). The kids are over it right now, but BFML and I are not. We are team 6Rabitts.

Some photos I had previously promised:

Canal at Strathmore

Massey Ferguson


Fishhook on barbed wire
Strangest thing, this. We were caching, and I told BFML that I thought the cache might be close to a house I did a LOT LOT LOT of work in when I was still doing floors. It was one of those jobs that you just don't forget.. house is closing in on mansion status, lady was nasty, I was accidentally locked out of the house with no jacket, no keys, and it's.. hmmm.. about 40 below zero at the time... and finally, it is the very last place in the world where I still experienced feeling in the tip of my left index finger. It was on that job that I smashed the finger and wrecked it forever. It was just weird to be there, by that bad memory house.. I was remembering everything and I looked up; there, hanging from barbed wire - surrounding a municipal waterworks gadget - was a rubber fishing lure. Just the weirdest thing, overall.

Girasole on the dashboard

Just in case you think I don't knit any longer, here is the Girasole I'm working on. It's in a light worsted alpaca, and I think it's gonna be gorgeous. It's sitting on the dashboard of the truck while we were out geocaching.

Handful of hail on August 3rd

Crazy, huh? We found piles and piles and piles of hail in the grass by a weigh station near Calgary. You don't expect to hold ice in your hand in August, that's for sure; unless it came out of your beer cooler perhaps... but in the grass?

And finally,

Gratuitous puppy photo

A gratuitous puppy photo, and one beautiful eye (if you don't mind me taking credit for one of my loveliest creations).