Friday, February 15, 2008

Where my head almost exploded, but didn't quite

Here in Alberta the weather changes at an alarming rate... one day you're bitching that it's 50 below (with wind chill), and then the next day snow is melting and you need to complain about something related to mud hitting your windshield.

Well, there are those of us who are sensitive to barometric pressure. This means that when there are wild weather swings (for example, a Chinook) we feel as though our heads might explode. Lucky us; we react when it gets cold, and when it gets warm. When the weather stabilizes, so does the pressure in our skulls.

Today was warmer than plus 10. According to the pressure behind my eyeballs, I'd say that it won't be as warm tomorrow. Woohoo. Or not.

There was a knitting circle today at Make One (as there is every Friday afternoon), and it was well attended by a fun-loving bunch. I reduced our in-house lace guru (Marilynn) into near tears by having screwed up my Mystic Waters so badly that she couldn't actually repair the goof! She did, however, restore it to a knittable state, so I *think* that when my head stops actually throbbing that I might give it a whirl. I am severely grateful, BUT... this is MW's last run with me, and if 'it' doesn't start to cooperate, I'm going to frog it. I really am. I hope its listening.

Can lace weight and barometric pressure be linked? They both can give you pain behind the eyeballs.

I frogged (sense a trend?) a few inches of Mr.G's sleeve because it had developed a bad case of pooling. My fault entirely for making a comment about somebody else's sleeve pool. I'll knit from two balls and alternate rows.. that ought to get it back under control.

I couldn't get myself up the stairs (where my swift and ball winder are) to get a new ball of Miss Priss put together, so instead I spun one bobbin's worth of Suri Alpaca/Merino in black. It's kind of creepy as a raw material, but I'll reserve judgement until after it's plied.

Because you've been so patient though all the whining and complaining, may I present:

Les peaux de lièvres

Be patient. It's worth it.

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