Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wildfire and real fire and mystic waters

The other day I was listening to Stash and Burn (which, in my opinion, is a very useful and interesting thing to do. I wish there were more to listen to), and the discussion was 'wildfire patterns'. What makes one? Certainly we can easily name one or two (Clapotis.. Fetching..). I watched a clip of the Yarn Harlot discussing the very same thing recently. Really, wildfires extend beyond patterns, and must include products and designers and innovation and style. It makes me think of knitters as a sub-culture, and how great it is to join KALs, to wait with anticipation for your Tulip cardi kit to arrive, and how somehow life doesn't seem totally fair if you've never knit with STR. How the heck can I funtion without Options?

Have you been singed?

Alright.. I'm hesitant to share this, just in case you might think I have a shred of common sense. Yesterday Dida was here with me for the day and I was showing her how to dye roving. Because of the lack of space here, I have to spread plastic wrap over a counter and across the top of my gas stove. I laid out the roving and leaned over it to begin dying when I accidentally brushed up against a control. An element ignited. Poof. The 'Playing with Fire' series of colourways has its first authentic submission.

Pictures of two absolutely gorgeous (unsinged) rovings to follow after BF gets back from pick ups and drop offs and errands and adventures.

Sigh... I have put Mystic Waters on hold for the time being (forgive me if I'm repeating myself). I can't concentrate on that level and do Christmas prep. So after all the excitement dies down, I'll pick it up as my primary project. It's sad.. because that darned shawl is gorgeous and sparkley and soft and amazing. I wish I could wear it at Christmas. Or, give it as a gift to someone I really love.

I need more hours in the day.

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