Saturday, November 10, 2007

Where is my arse?

If you see it, can you please return it to me?

Actually I think it is relocating to other areas, less appropriate. Say.. the tummy area? All I know is that my pants are hanging in the wrong areas, and I might have a case of what has been referred to as dumpster butt.


However, after much research, I have found that an overly abundant butt doesn't seem to be the greatest attribute to try to wedge into the Mr. Greenjeans; so could this butt disappearance be a beneficial thing?

Did you know that there's a Mr. Greenjeans KAL? Up until last night, I did not.

Besides planning the sweater, I've been spinning up a storm; completed 200gr of natural grey alpaca for Ike's Christmas socks, and I've spun about 4oz. of a new BFL colourway. I'm not sure about it yet, so I'll wait until it's plied before I start any bragging. Also, I completed the silk Stolen Moments. It's been wet blocked, dried, and all I have to do is sew in 2 ends. It's super drapey, and I love it.

Tonight we're having pizza night. Jim was busy ferrying children from one sleepover to another, so I made the dough. We're looking after a friend's little girl (Britney, age 9), and after evaluating the dough, she asked: who does the cooking around here? I had to admit that it is Jim (as a rule), and she said something to the effect that that seemed to be a good idea. I nearly fell over laughing. Had to call her mother right away and repeat the story. Ahhhh to be 9.

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