Thursday, November 22, 2007

Spinning, dying

Does this roving have a name? (yes, its name is Bob)

I recently realized that although I've been knitting for decades, all I really have known is the sum total of what my mother knew. That is a lot, but it doesn't make me an expert, or innovative, or a risk taker. It makes me able to knit lace baby jackets with commercial yarn. I taught myself stranding, to some degree, and I also designed a few boxy pullovers. It is only recently that I've begun using the internet as a learning tool. I cannot put into words how amazing I find I read blogs, I search for designers, knitters, dyers... What I knew is just a drop in a barrel when compared to what I'm learning. It's too amazing.

I have been spinning a little, and dying a little.... Christmas knitting quite a bit. It's a very rich time, isn't it?

If you feel like expanding your horizons; might I suggest watching a few of Rexenne's videos on Youtube? She kicks some butt.

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