Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ta da!

I was briefly at the Heritage Weavers and Spinners Guild meeting tonight (because BF's sister was here from out of town, and SIL is working tonight, so Dida and I had Mug and Nini). I went with trepidation, worrying that none of my yarn had sold; and gosh that unsold pile of yarn seemed really large. Phew. There was a cheque for me, and when I opened it up I realized that I had sold almost half of what I'd taken! This was a real victory for me; the yarn was successfully juried, and lots of it sold.. to strangers no less! I feel really confident.

I am working on an orange colourway right now; wasn't too crazy about the initial result, but after a quick re-dye tonight, it's looking just right.

It snowed tonight... It's officially game on for winter.

(ps: Still not having found the charger for my camera, I borrowed Mug's tonight. If you click on the yarn picture it becomes HUGE, and is dated September, 2006. Clearly she needs some assistance with settings!)

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