Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm addicted to podcasts

I really am. I've forgotten about music completely as a result (except for Paul Potts, who i LOVE).

I started out on a small scale, and downloaded a selection of knitting/spinning/dying related podcasts. I have immediate deletion criteria; as follows:

- Music/intro goes on too long, or is particularly dated.
- The first thing the podcaster does is apologize. Enough already. I'm hoping for content.
- Podcaster is boring. (I'm sorry; but some of you could cause unscheduled naps)
- Audio sucks for no apparent reason.
- There are huge gaps between podcasts that don't have a reason; for example, if the podcaster goes on vacation, he/she will tell you that the week before. AOK. If the podcaster disappears for weeks and comes back relating all the things that are of more importance than the podcast (read: audience), then, not so ok. I would un-subscribe unless I was a true, long term fan. (Yes, I understand you have a life; but put the podcast on hold for a period of time, and let your audience know)

Anyway, my initial decisions on subscribing/not subscribing are probably based on less than a minute listening time to a few different podcasts. After a few weeks of research I came down to this: Let's Knit2gether is quaint and sweet, and I really love it. Stash and Burn kicks arse; completely. Bravo. I love It's a Purl Man, tho he's a rule breaker. He has enough interesting content that the rule breaking is no big deal. Right now I'm looking into Cast-On. I have a feeling she's going to be a regular.

I'd like to host a podcast one day. BF and I have been talking about it, and I'm thinking about hooking up with a local stitch and bitch (if they'll have me) to use as a home-base. This is quite a way down the line, but we're doing some research and learning some things here and there. Learning what I like and what I dislike really is a first step. We have most of the technology.

Just a little photographic break here for your pleasure. Don't know who took the picture, or where it came from... I just like it.

We went geocaching today and BF found a really fabulous cache by the industrial airport. It was just too cool for words, but I won't spoil the surprize for any local geocachers who happen to read this bog. We also went to Chapters for a copy of the winter Interweave Knits (I have a paid for subscription since August, yet have never received a magazine. They don't seem to answer emails. Weird, huh?). We had a coffee, grocery shopped, cooked an Indian meal, gave BF a salt scrub... I started a Mobius Capelet and dyed a 1/2 lb. of superwash Merino. It accepts dye differently than BFL. I think I'm going to have to overdye it tomorrow to get the effect I'm looking for.

Tomorrow.. I spin.

I've decided to hybernate the Mystic Waters until after my Christmas Knitting is complete. I hate to fall behind, but it has to be done.

Finally, kudos to Dr. Henkins. I am in fact walking upright on sunday. Yeah!

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