Monday, November 12, 2007

Getting ready for the guild sale

My friend Susan from the weaver/spinner's guild called me today to say that they needed more yarn for the sale. So... my day ended up being a little different than I anticipated. I rewound all of my yarn into 50gram balls, then re-skeined/re-measured all of the yardage. I created ball bands (with pictures of what inspired the colourway) for each skein, and priced everything. Tomorrow Dida will pick up the whole bunch of it and take it to the guild to be inventoried.

I'm kind of excited, and kind of nervous. I hope it goes well.

I'd show you pictures, if only I knew where the charger to my camera got to.

Now I'm going to start dying fiber again; and hopefully I can sell that at Make One.

The Tulip just needs some sleeves and an icord, and that's all wrapped up. Dida was here today, and she just loved it. It is just so beautiful, I'm really glad I got the kit.

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