Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That bare hand

.. The one that waved to me the other morning.. blew me a kiss.. well, that bare hand used to hold mine always. I have noticed that with increasing frequency when I hold my hand out to her, she doesn't take it. She's embarrassed in certain situations.. too big to hold hands.

Tonight the baseline became 'in a large crowd'. We were at Value Village getting some stuff for her costume... she dropped me like a hot potato. Yet at Wendy's, when we went for something to eat, she held my hand for a very long time.

My burger was disgusting; she offered me hers.

I realized that these are the last few days of her childhood, and that my little girl is disappearing.

Trish said the other day that everything is changing. She was right.

I knit two right mittens. My mind is elsewhere.


Trish said...

Oh hugs to you too. It all changes and all you can do is hang on and hope you come out right side up I guess.

Frankly, I just want regular. Big 'ol heaps of it. Life these days is very irregular.

Miss you. xoxo.

Australoknitticus said...

I'll hold your hand. Sometimes I need a hand hold, but don't tell anyone. ;-)