Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Like a hangover, only less barfing.

I have no energy, and so I'll treat you to some photos until I get my groove back.

trish being trish-like
Trish, enchanting a port authority cop. He's holding her sock, but he wouldn't let anybody hold his gun. *ahem*

Woodstock 'folage'. That's how they say it in NYS


the boring chick at tori's, olive bridge
The boring chick at Tori's Olive Bridge house

a fairy in the garden, olive bridge
A fairy in the garden

tori's fountain, olive bridge
Tori's fountain

best picture ever, rhinebeck
Best Rhinebeck photo ever

battery park, nyc
Battery Park, NYC

marilynn at ground zero, nyc
Ground zero. Click for emotion

Kinnearing the Enchanting Juno and her tiny friends

tori's stoop, hoboken
Oak leaves on Tori's stoop in Hoboken

tori's stoop, hoboken
Tori's stoop.


Gale said...

That first photo's really great. Nice to see you back.

knittinggrammy said...

Trish being Trish-like - PERFECT!!