Friday, October 10, 2008

Worsted vs. lace

Solitute, BFL/Soy, EGMTK

For the longest time I've been spinning thinner, and thinner, and thinner still. With the correct materials I can spin thread. It's a beautiful thing, but man.. it is s.l.o.w. Every time I spin, it seems to take just a little bit longer than the last; as I squeeze out more and more yardage.

So... in my box of goodies was one lone bag of EGMTKs fiber.. and I thought to myself: worsted. That's what it will be. I'll give it my best shot and see if I can't cut the yardage in 1/2 at least. This is easier said than done, actually. Muscle memory kicks in, and before you know it.. more lace weight.

But we did it (the fiber and I, that is).. better than did it actually! I haven't calculated the yardage yet, but my guess is that it'll be about 125 yards/100 grams of 3 ply. It's a Soy/BFL blend.. so soft that you'd like to keep it as a pet. Started and completed over a span of a few hours.

Pictures to follow, after I set the twist.

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