Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spin, spun


I was shooting for worsted, and ended up with some overspun chunky.. but it's still pretty, and I think it will make something beautiful. I have been trying a 2 step Navajo plying method and where I went wrong (and caused the overspinning) is when applying the chains and getting them onto bobbin 1 - I let too much twist get by. The idea is to get the singles chained and onto the bobbin with as little twist as possible. The yarn was so chunky that I was having some trouble controlling it. When I went into stage 2 I should have used much less twist than I did. C'est la vive.

On the bright side, the yarn is soft, soft, soft and I love the colourway. If you are not a customer of EGMTK, you ought to consider it. These custom blends are truly amazing.


This is light fingering weight that I spun the other night, and first used the 2 step Navajo plying method. I think it worked quite well. The fiber came from HollyEQQ.. she has amazing colour sense, and I have been really pleased with her product. The only issue that I had was that Optim had been cut at the ends, so I had some waste. I loved it enough to want to utilize every inch, and I hate throwing fiber away.


Trish said...

OMG, the blue is fabulous! I am *so* in love with it! You are so talented!!


HollyEQQ said...

Sorry about that cutting! I only did it a few times before I actually spun one myself than went "duh".
I thought it would work better than having to slowly pull the long fibers apart.
Yeah, I am not always bright!

Glad you liked it otherwise!
Finished yarn looks fabu.