Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've got me some spindles

And I'm not afraid to use them.

So I thought that I'd show them off to you, and maybe brag a little.. To be honest, I consider these spindles to be works of art, and I am on bended knee to those who make them well.

Here we have a set of Tabacheck Russian Lace Spindles in Ash. Caroline was in the shop and tried to teach me how to spin with them. As you can see, I fairly well suck; but I have been able to get a few yards of singles. That's a whisp of cashmere you see there. Pretty lofty beginning, wouldn't you say? If I improve, say... 10,000%, I should have enough to knit a nose warmer (believe me.. it WILL happen).

Tabacheck Russian Lace Spindles, ash

I also have a little Cascase Tiger, in Zebrawood/Cherry. I've been spinning Qivuit on it for a while now, and it's pleasing me to no end. I'm achieving cobweb weight easily, and I have a BIG PLAN regarding the shawl I'll be knitting with it. What year, I cannot say.

Beside that is another Tabacheck. It's an Oak Plying spindle, and I love it. What you see on it is some really poorly spun 17 micron merino. That was an error in judgement, but I'd just combed and dizzed the merino, and the plying spindle was the first one I could put my hands on.

After that is another Cascade, in Maple/Cherry. I don't know what model, but it's a great spindle that I've used and used and used.

My spindles

I have a couple of bombs as well... an Ashford Turkish spindle that I never quite figured out, several brick heavy beginner spindles, and the lovely Spindolyn. It's cute, but it wobbles like crazy and I have no patience for that.

Aunty Tink and I have been planning to buy a spindle at Rhinebeck, so I've been spending quite a bit of time doing research and trying to decide on which I would aim for. After many hours of deliberation I have determined that I need 3. A Bosworth Midi, a Golding (but I'm not sure which one), and a lightweight Avi Wasserman in Olivewood.

Where is the Forrester? The Greensleeves? The Kundert?

On their way baby.


Mandie said...

You do indeed gots you some Spindles Annie - and more on the way! Good for you :-)
I have one of the Ashford Turkish jobs too...and it effects me the same way.
You spin beautifully on a would die laughing if you saw my efforts!
I want to come to Rhinebeck. With you and Aunty Tink.

Cindy said...

Those are beautiful. I have no clue how to use those long ones. Perhaps you can do a video? You would laugh at my attempts on my $3 garage sale drop spindle. I suppose it's recognizable as yarn . . . LOL. I'm intrigued, I just don't have enough time to do the things I know how to do, let alone learn something new. Of course I can't help wanting to learn anyway. Especially when you present your tools and your creations in such lovely pictures and words.