Sunday, October 26, 2008

Much delayed SEX report. With pictures.

You know.. the entire Rhinebeck Stash Enhancement eXcursion didn't really end up to be massive in the yarn department. Quite sparse, to tell you the truth.

merino/cashmere from brooklyn general store
From the Brooklyn General Store. I cannot remember what yarn this is, just that it is 10% cashmere, and it's as beautiful as anyone could ever hope.

koigu silk/merino
2 skeins of Koigu, a silk blend fingering weight.

str, mill end

str, mill end

2 STR mill ends. Both much more lovely and nuanced than they appear in the pictures. One for me, one for Dida.


The Avi Wasserman and Bosworth were purchased at Rhinebeck. The Greensleeves and the Kundert had arrived from Boogie while I was gone.

And that's it except for another mill end that I gave to Amy, and a sock monkey kit.

Some amazing restraint on my part? Naw... I just didn't feel good, is all.

Wanna see the most beautiful picture ever taken? Visit Sean's Soapbox and look for the foliage pond photo. You'll thank me.


Shelley said...

Feel better soon!

sprboston said...

Thanks for linking my nice!