Monday, October 20, 2008

Guest blogging.

So, just what is the protocol for a... "guest blogger?" Must the guest blogger's subject conform to some norm? The themes of well... Fibre? Yarn? Art? Colour? Knitting? Spinning? Nini? But clearly Annie's the expert, and not I. Though I DO have a knitting photo to offer. You see my first project. I can say little more for fear of total ruination of a Christmas surprise.  But there are 53 rows done, each a stitch longer than the last.  Now its time to close in on the target corner.  Annie's pointed me to for  video on "knitting two together," but I'll just wait till she comes home.  Not only is she the expert, but she's a most wonderful, gentle, funny, patient, caring, and sensitive knitting coach, too.  (You may know that already.)  Did I say she's hot?  Did I say that she's having an absolute BALL in New York?  Well, she is.  And she provided just a hint in the previous post.  I'll let her relate her recent most-wonderful days (which may take a few pages of posts) when she returns. 

In the meantime, Annie, these are for you:


knittinggrammy said...

Nice job on the Guest Blog - do we get to guess on your first project? I Know, I know LOL!!

Gale said...

You can do it. It works just like it sounds. Knit 2 together.

Cindy said...

I think E might be able to help you there if that's what I think it is. Just keep strumming.