Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reverse 'but'

For Joce... (thank you for sharing your cupcake, cupcake)

I feel whupped from the virus, *but* I didn't get the throwing up kind of flu on top of it so I'm really feeling relieved. I choose to believe that it's not hiding around the next corner.

The end of last week was rough because I felt so yucky, but I made it through, and besides forgetting to print some patterns for Michelle, I think everything was pretty well under control.

I didn't see my Nini all week, but I'm going to on Friday I think.

The financial news is scaring me (because I lived through the recession, and I don't want to do it again), but I don't have a big mortgage, and I don't have much debt so I should be ok.

No matter what negative thing I write here, it is totally eclipsed by: BUT.. Aunty Tink is back in town.


Oh.. and here's something purely wonderful to share. Today Blogless Correna did a most wonderful thing.. she gave me 1,200 yards of the most beautiful laceweight shetland/silk that she had spun. I am grateful and amazed.. and I have a shawl in mind (for me!), with.. some beads. The yarn looks like mica.. it's almost touching on metallic, and it is gorgeous. I don't think that anyone but a spinner could appreciate handspun the way it ought to be appreciated. I know all of the time and thought that went into it, and I feel so honoured to receive it. Thank you Correna! No buts about it.

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...AnnaRose... said...

I hope you are feeling better now.
And for the financial news: I think I can understand what you mean. With a childhood in East Germany before the wall came down and a teenager time in a time where everything was changing I remember a time where we made candy out of sh*t... and with a really deep crisis I would have the problem to get a new work permit. The negative solution would mean going back to Germany... I really hope that that will not happen :-)