Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In which I share my angst and some other stuff.

Ok.. some MORE of it.

I went for coffee yesterday morning, as always.. and all three of the Heartland girls were missing. I asked of Jeanette, and *they* (a new they.. where are my old theys?) said that she was taking an early lunch. So here I am at 4am, wondering if all three of the girls have been terribly whisked away somehow. I am plotting how I will respond to this in a few short hours.

I am also singing 'Always look on the bright side of life' to myself (even though it is 4 something in the morning). It's stuck in my head... If you'd like it stuck in yours as well, purchase a copy of the Spamalot soundtrack from iTunes. If you'd like to fall over laughing when you sing it, then you ought to see Spamalot too so that you have the complete visual.

I planned to wear a black armband while Aunty Tink was away.. but since I don't actually have one, I had to wear an entire black shirt yesterday. Perhaps today I'll wear a black outfit. I think everyone should. I am probably too sad for a tiara. I have new pink gum boots, but they seem a bit too festive for the ensemble.

Definitely, Gale, I'll take the recipe. I need to have my waffle skills up to par by Saturday morning when the BGAidan shows up.

I'm pondering Qiviut.. do I continue with singles and then spin/ply a thin, thin strand of burnished gold silk? I think yes. I'm leaning towards it. It's starting to take shape in my imagination... I'm starting to imagine the yarn, the shawl.. and now (somehow) beads.

The Lendrum. Its a heartbreaker to be honest. I am going to beg Bessthespinner to take it off my hands for a while and see what she thinks of it. What the heck am I doing wrong? What have I missed? Are the wheel and I simply a bad match? The sum is lesser than the two parts I (am beginning) to believe.

I am not knitting one interesting thing at the moment. However, copies of Custom Knits came into the shop yesterday and I immediately canceled my Amazon.ca order and took one of those babies home with me. It was a good decision. It passed the '3 project' queue minimum (in order to justify a book purchase). I really like Ingenue... that's #1. Did I ever mention that I read instructional books and all magazines from back to front? There's a bit of this book that has me flumoxed, and I'm hoping that if I re-read the book from front to back that it will become clear.

My dog needed a drink of water, and he was keeping me awake due to incessant dry-mouth swallowing. The BF was.. ok.. he was snoring. There was a song stuck in my head. I have been worrying about 3 girls that I care about being MIA. All this is not terribly conducive of sleep, but I need to try. 2 hours from now the day starts.

* Photo? Storefront window (an inside view) of Cafe Vieux Montreal, in Victoria. Finest cafe on the planet, if you ask me.


Gale said...

Good decision on the waffle recipe. Please send mailing address.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting the kettle on now. How do you have your coffee?? :-P

Lynn Majidimehr said...

I have a Lendrum, and I really like it. I'm learning mostly on my own after a short demo and trial at a local shop, online videos I found on YouTube and practice. I've made some thick and thin yarns, then a bit thinner and nicer. Still haven't learned to be able to spin a specific yarn for a project, but have a video to learn from. I can't say I've even tryed another wheel, but had given up on trying to learn to spin on a spindle - maybe I just need to learn that from someone in person?