Sunday, September 28, 2008

The longest journey begins with a single step

I am happy to say that my Nini has finally decided that she shall walk, after all. I wasn't worried... her mother didn't (or couldn't.. she was premature and it took a while for her to catch up) walk until she was darned near 2 and nobody was worse for wear. Still, I'm happy and excited and proud and thrilled. I haven't seen her walk yet because I have a really awful cold; but I hope to soon.

Silk Garden Sock #2,427

Because of that nasty cold, I didn't knit any beautiful cashmere shawls, or spectacular Secret Garden sweaters. No. I cast on a silk garden sock. This time I used small needles, and more stitches, so it's not a quick sock.. I'm not even sure who's sock it is.

Silk Hankies

The stack of silk hankies under the silk threads I showed you earlier.

Here's a link to information on different kinds of silk and how to deal with it; not all of it seems correct, but overall it's pretty informative.

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