Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am rath

Rath is my tag for our trip to Rhinebeck. Lately I've been wondering if it isn't a really fine name for me, and had you seen me this morning at 7:50 in my pink housecoat, with my hair doing its Lyle Lovett impression, waving my arms and swearing at the top of my lungs.. well, you might have had to agree.

You see, we have round three of condo construction within a block of my house. The current construction site is right across the street, facing our bedroom. The sub-contractors who are working on the site don't give a damn about bylaws, and each and every weekend morning they are running power tools anywhere from 6am onwards. The sound bylaw is 7 on weekdays and Saturdays, and 9 on Sundays. This morning they were mixing concrete. We've reported them two weekends in a row, and they've been 'warned'. Apparently a warning doesn't mean a darned thing to them, because sure enough they were outside my bedroom window with the concrete mixer on at 7:45. It was the SAME GUY who stripped naked (aside from a baby blue g-string) on the street 3 weekends ago.

They were all: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, no more noise. And I'm all: (hmmm.. apparently what I said is not fit for print of any sort).

BF, being the wise one (and not as rathfull as me), picked up the phone and called the City again. He now has the Bylaw Officer's name and phone number. Probably that was the right thing to do. He then talked me out of padlocking the security fence on the jobsite next weekend. He says that would be in bad form, and possibly illegal.

Enough of that.

Last night I finished spinning the first 1/2 of the Qiviut that Dida bought me for mother's day. I had 2 - 10 gram bags, so I'll do two singles and ply them. I am spinning so thin that after plying I fully expect to end up with a cobweb weight. I estimate that I have 237 miles of single from 10 grams.

Well, perhaps not. But it is LOTS.

Today I'm going to Bessthespinner's house for a afternoon of fiber goodness. I'm so excited. Pray for me that things stay smooth enough that I might actually GET there. If all goes well, I'll have pictures later.


Linda said...

Nothing worse than construction site noise. NOTHING.

I'm on my way... and I'm bringing my bat.

Wait... baby blue g-string??

Jim said...

If there's anyone in this house that would have noticed the baby-blue g-string, well, its rath. (And, "Man!" she's got a mouth on 'er! Havin' spent some time on them-there construction sites 'erself. Many a sailor would be proud :) I'm not surprised at all that they cleared out within minutes of her coming back inside. There was not a peep from across the street for the rest of the morning. Not a peep.

Gale said...

Hey! How was it at Bessthespinner's?

Yes I did see Denny, but she does not know me. She's helped me a number of times, but I go so infrequently she has no reason to know me. She's lovely.