Thursday, September 25, 2008

The first one is free...

A Sunday Afternoon Guild funny... in that I brought a stack of silk hankies for show and tell, and shared a few with a girl who had never seen them before. If they are like a drug.. then I must be the pusher.

(I'm not mentioning the name of any sweet aussie who might send optim and fine fleece blended with soy. Nobody I know would hook me on fiber so soft and slick that it made my beloved BFL feel like thorns to the touch.)

When there's sufficient light, I'll share pictures of a big stack of glorious, saturated silk hankies. In the meantime, here's a teaser.

That little stack on top? Delicate, glimmering silk threads. Consider the picture a freebie. ;) (hey.. do click on it this time.. it's a very cool picture when it's as big as a house)


Gale said...

It's so pretty. How's your throat?

Mandie said...

Honey I is just sharing the fibre love!!
I won the auction for that electric dyepot and I had to drive to Ballarat to pick it up. Can you guess the name of the suburb that the people lived in?
CANADIAN! Can you believe that??
I hope your throat is on the mend xoxo