Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I have to be quiet; can't let the sock hear me.. but all seems to be well. In fact, I was knitting away on it tonight and realized that I was past where I had started to frog. So, only 2 more repeats to go, and the toe, then the very bad sock will be complete.. After the socks go to their rightful owner, I'll post a picture or two, because they are some niiiiiiice socks (STR - Jade, Lightweight, fyi).

It's 2am, and here I am, awake. I'm so darned tired that I can't sleep. Ever been there? Mug starts school again tomorrow, so the alarm is back on after an entire summer off.

It's officially knitting season, if you ask me. Shouldn't someone ring a bell or something?

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(Consider it rung)