Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm having a mental health moment

Because if I don't, my spinning wheel is going to learn how to fly.

I have never loved the thing, not for 2 seconds, although I really, really, really want to. Everybody else does; if you look at pictures of any spin-in or class, I'll guarantee that 50% of the people there are spinning with one. They rave about them.

I have a fast flier, I have a bulky flier, I have extra bobbins, I have a custom made, bullet proof case. It ought to do everything I want in the world, but you know.. it does not. Instead it shudders and wiggles and squeals and creaks, and I just dislike it to no end. I've been struggling with it for almost a year. Right now we are fighting with a tensioning device. It doesn't want one, and I say it has to have one or it won't spin. I've tried a number of things, and each one sucks in a different way than the last.

What I want is a Ladybug, but the orifice is too small for what I want to do. What I HAVE is a Lendrum. With all the bells and whistles.

At this moment, I'm half way through Navajo plying some Fleece Artist Wool/Silk. I'm not exactly at a spot where I'd like the wheel to determine that it's not going to ply one more inch. Yet I'm there.

What I ought to do is get my bad Karma wheel back and pretend this Lendrum thing never happened.


Who said that spinning is peaceful?


Gale said...

Ohhh..I know exactly how you feel with this one girlie! While it did not happen with my wheel (which I totally am in love with), it did happen with silver flute with sapphire bearings and golden springs.

Anonymous said...

I want you to love your Lendrum like I love mine Annie.
Is there anyone close by that has a Lendrum that can test drive yours and try and get a handle on what's up with it?
Plus, you could always ring Gord and talk to him, (I did) he was very helpful and patient and answered all my questions.
I still have the original rubber band on mine - I haven't switched it out for anything else.
Hey, maybe you could make a video of your wheel when you spin on it and I could look at that? Might help?

Necia said...

You ever thought about seeing if someone would trade you? Sounds far fetched, but you might be surprised.

Kayla W said...

Lovely, you need to get yourself an Ashford. Me and Pepper are like peas in a pod. (I'm spinning your fibre on him right now!) Go out, get yourself a wheel you love. It will make spinning not only happen, but you'll enjoy doing it!!

Shelley said...

I could take a look at it. Sometimes it just might be a loose screw or the band isn't tight enough? Let me know.