Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sheep shearing time at our house

I meant dog. Two of 'em.


Here's Spike. He's our 'eldest', and having been professionally groomed before, he's not too upset about the whole process. Tonight we bathed him and sheared him, and we did alright until the dreaded FEET. He hates his feet done, and between now and probably mid October, he will not step on the floor unless there are towels or pillows. Good Lord... he's neurotic. He's on a pillow already, and there he will stay.

Next up? Roxy. This is her before picture. (She's having a nice ear scratch by Mug)


She was never professionally groomed before we got her nor afterwards. She was too abused and frightened for us to trust her in the care of others. It will probably take us the rest of the week to get her done, and I can't promise she will be ever be completely finished. Last time her back legs were never completed. We didn't have the heart to put her (or ourselves) through it.

I might break out the Absynthe. Honestly, this is not a job for the faint of heart.

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