Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Went for a walk and didn't have sushi

I haven't worked the last few days because the dispatcher at work is away dealing with a family emergency. Apparently when the dispatcher is away, I'm not dispatched. Imagine that. So, I've had a few unexpected days at home. (That sucking noise you hear is my bank balance)

BF is also at home. He came down with a fever and head cold, and hasn't been well at all.

So, the big plan was that we'd walk to Make One and drop off a dozen bags of fiber, and then have some sushi. It was a nice walk, even though we discovered that two more neighbors have sold their houses to developers and they've vamoosed. Little Italy is turning into *big* condo-land... anyway.. we went up the hill and saw a big CLOSED sign at M1. Inventory day. Kindly, Sandra let us in and let me fondle newly arrived yarn.

(You're gonna laugh... I asked Amy to put 4 skeins of Miss Priss aside. Ya.. there's me, feeding the Mr. Greenjeans addiction. Now I'll have enough to knit two.)

After M1, we found that not only was Zipang closed today (no sushi for us), but so was Heartland (no soup either). We ended up with meatloaf sandwiches at home. I had my heart set on miso soup.

On a happier note, I have finished the body and two sleeves on the Hela. Colour work, here I come. Back to the grind tomorrow; I believe I've been dispatched.

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