Sunday, December 30, 2007

Phew.. what a day


I stopped at Make One today to pick up some fiber. I left with two bags full, and have been dyeing all afternoon long.

I have a new green colourway, and a red one too. A lavender tide, a shepherd, a holi festival, a playing with fire: bronze, pansy, and hmmm.. oh, a revised vermilion kiss. I think that one is getting a new name, because it's not so much vermilion unless vermilion is plum.

I'm trying a new process, and I think it's working well, overall. I'm doing more re-dying than I'd like. I think it's because (I believe) superwash doesn't take dye the same as other fibers. I lean towards vibrant.

So, between steaming batch after batch, I've been knitting on the Hela. I don't know how it happened this fast, but the body seems to be done. I'll put it aside and knit the sleeves now. If you don't know how to knit continental, please take a look at to get some quick instructions. It makes stockinette fly.

I was hoping to drop off some fiber at Make One tomorrow, but it isn't going to happen. For some reason the printer no longer communicates.. so I can't do labels. Too tired to figure it out tonight, that's for sure.

BF made a really awesome meatloaf last night. I had it leftover for lunch in the form of a sandwich, and now I'm having it again as a late dinner, with rutabaga. You just can't beat that.

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