Monday, January 28, 2008

A lot of exciting things

One of which is that it is bitterly cold. My truck is frozen solid, and we discovered that it does not have a block heater (haven't needed one, and didn't have the foresight to look before I did!); so it will sit out front until the weather breaks. I can't work, because I have no way to transport my tools. This isn't that sad, really, because the thought of working outside at a wind chill of -50 (I'm not kidding.. minus FIFTY) doesn't do a thing for me. The sun was shining this afternoon, and gave the impression that it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Simultaneously, I let Spike outside to do his business, and he came back in limping. I think we need to buy the dog some shoes?

Have I mentioned that there is no heat in our bedroom? None at all... and little insulation either. At the moment there is a sheet of ice on the bedroom window about a 1/4" thick. I'll take a picture later of the ice on the *inside* of the house. Nothing like a 1912 house, I'll tell you that.

Dida helped me locate some mailing tubes, so one of the final issues of the blocking kits was ironed out. Turns out that the 36" tubes that I had purchased could only contain something 35" long. Handy...

Thank you Mandie for offering to proof read for me. I really appreciate that! I will be in touch.

Finally, and happily... tonight I ended my contract for hardwood service. On February 4th I will be starting a new and exciting job. I'm thrilled, and I'll share more with you next week.

In the meantime; I did some 'cold winter day' knitting today. Made another Funky Chunky Toque for Maddie (a little small.. so it's about to be blocked) and wound some BFL that I had spun. I think I'll take Mr.G. for a spin in a minute, and i need to calculate how much yardage I got from the silk/wool that I finished last week.

I hope all is well at your house, and that everyone is keeping warm.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot even begin to comprehend how cold it must be in your Winter right now.
Down here we think we're badly done by if the temperature get's below zero overnight...or there's a frost 3 mornings in a row!
Looking forward to helping out with the proof reading :-)