Saturday, January 19, 2008

A couple of *those* days?


I was out of my mind with excitement on friday when I realized that my Jaggerspun Zephyr had finally arrived. It isn't stocked at my LYS, so after some detective work, I found it at for a lower price than I had been quoted by another store. AND.. free shipping. So I ordered 'Iris'. I'm really happy with it, 50/50 silk/wool blend, and the colour is amazing. Yippee.

Today I cast on for The Forest Path Stole. Nope.. It just wasn't right; so I tried again with Icarus. Nope. Frog. Cast on again. Nope. Frog. (Rinse and repeat). Note to self: Never try to cast on lace in the dark, while watching a movie. Also, try to use a chart that doesn't need to be viewed through a magnifying glass.


Earlier in the day, I resurrected Mystic Waters. It took a long while, but I figured out where I had left off; frogged a few rows, and restarted. I think i got 3 rows done before I'd messed it up again, so.. back in the bag with you Mystic Waters.


I'm seriously considering frogging it once and for all. We don't seem to mesh... Marilynn finished hers the other day, and it's totally gorgeous.

OK, lets discuss the coffee. I'm sure that I mentioned that BF makes me a coffee each weekend morning.. a nice, strong latte to start the day. Well, I reached for mine, and knocked it right into my knitting. Luckily most of it ended up on the floor, and nothing was seriously damaged. The worst risk was my dye book... It's full of all my recipes and patterns. It's a little worse for wear, but overall, everything is still legible.


Honestly, the worst part was the loss of a really good coffee. (And, yes, I really do know how to spell Dyeing. I even know how to spell crochet most days)

Last but not least... here's a little shot of Mr.G. I realized that I have twice as many rows of cables than I should have. Apparently I cannot successfully read instructions. So, that's in the frog pond too. Pffft


I'm too scared to spin.


aunty tink said...

Don't rip your mystic waters. Bring it in on Tuesday and I'll see if I can help you repair the mistake without ripping the whole thing.

knittinggrammy said...

Ohhhh Forest Path, I sooo want to do that with some Qiviut that hubby gifted to me for my birthday but I find that it's easier to work with my dark colors in the Spring light as opposed to winter.....

Linda said...

Gad, I hate days like that. Days where you finally decide you should just sit quietly and drink out of a child's plastic sippy cup, just to be safe... heh!