Saturday, January 5, 2008

And the answer is: In the Shoe Bin

(Question... where is the charger for my camera?)

I have about torn this house apart looking for the charger, and at long last, I gave up and tried to order one from Canon, online. Found what I needed (about $80.00 with shipping.. good Lord. We're talking wool money here), input all the information, and it rejects my credit card expiration date.

Say what? I'm looking right at the card.

I'm telling you, I was hopping up and down kind of mad. BF is on the island and took his camera with him. Mug has misplaced hers. And Canon is messing with my mind. Has anyone mentioned to Canon that I'm peri-menopausal? Hmmm?

So *THE* very last place it could possibly be is in the plastic bin of shoes by my desk. And yes, that is exactly where it was. Way at the bottom. For some reason there were several small balls of exotic fibers I'd spun, and the extra parts from my Ashford Traveler tuneup. I say one of the dogs did it. Or, Canon. Ya. Them again.

That battery is charging as we speak. I have a BSJ wip to show you, not to mention a ruler. While you wait, here's 336 triangular shawl patterns from Vicki's blog.

oh.. and a picture of some fiber I took to Make One earlier this week.

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knittinggrammy said...

Sorry to hear that you're under the weather (join the club), but wanted to say a quick thanks for the link to the 366 triangle shawls....

Feel better soon!!