Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh, ouch

Introducing Spaceballs (in Alpaca).

So, today was day two of my return to the real world, and also day two of a complicated hardwood repair. *Insert endless hardwood talk relating to saws, hammers, chisels, sub-floor adhesive, diagonal joists on 30" centres, freehand cutting 9 rows of boards because the angle was tighter than the chop saw could cut, and trying to make a squeak go away.* These two days culminated in a happy customer, a slice across my index finger (can you hear me typing? click, ouch, click, click, ouch) and, (how many joints in the human body?) 239 things that hurt when I move. So, knitting? Not very much. The new Miss Priss is crying out my name though; it really is.

I've decided to frog the BSJ - did I mention that I'm at the bind off row?. And, I've also decided that unless some really awesome yarn cries out to BE said jacket, that I'm not exactly pleasantly surprised. I think it was the technical aspects that I was all thrilled about. So. Over. Let's turn the yarn into a project for Dida to undertake.

I spent a little time at Make One tonight; went there to talk with Marilyn and ended up ogling two of her lace pieces. Beautiful.. She's almost done the Mystic Waters, and I thought it was absolutely grand. There were lots of other women there, and I was happy to see Michelle, Heather and Franki.

I came home to Mug doing her homework (did I mention that she never has to be reminded?), and BF cooking tenderloins, baked potatoes, mushrooms and real bacon bits, to go along with a really great Greek salad. All is well in the world, I have to say.

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knittinggrammy said...

It was nice to see you too!! I know life gets pretty full with kids, animals, and better half's but whew perhaps a knitting/spinning night needs to be planned just for you to relax and celebrate that you survived your first week back at the grind (sorry to hear you cut your finger).....