Saturday, January 26, 2008

A call for assistance

I've just completed the first draft of blocking instructions for the Spinknit blocking wire kits. I am looking for a few people to review these instructions. Also, I need a few pictures of garment pieces and lace being blocked, using wires.

Can you help?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, psssst: I finished plying the silk, and I wet finished all of that (man.. it's going to be a really, really great shawl), and some 3ply BFL that I spun at Make One's last Spin-In. I am just about dying to find out how many yards I got out of the silk. I think it's somewhere between lace and sock weight.

Later in the day I took Anna skating; I sat and fixed two messed up cables. I had dreamed about it all night long, so by the time I actually tried it, I had the process down pat! Knit a few inches on Mr.G. tonight. I have learned my lesson about knitting when I'm over tired. It's just not worth it.

Now... I'm going to stop typing when I'm overtired. And that would be now.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to help with proof-reading :-)

aunty tink said...

I have shawls that you can use to show your blocking wires. I'm looking forwardf to seeing them.