Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dye tonight

(A before picture.. ie: I dyed this before)

After a relatively easy day working in Carstairs, I spent some time on an easy chair at Make One. I went there to pick up some Merino to dye today.. I did 2 batches of Cafe Au Lait (man.. can I come up with something less cliche?), and 2 batches of Salmonberry flowers (one is mostly blue, and the other is mostly salmon). Everything is steaming right now.

Saturday is the Spin-In, and I'm really looking forward to it. The last one was on Amy's 30th birthday, and it really was fun. I didn't spin that day, because my arms kept going to sleep if I lifted them too long. Some hardwood deal, I'm sure. Anyway, this time I'll be bringing my new Lendrum to introduce to the spinners. She isn't named yet. I've been (poorly) spinning some BFL; natural, if you can imagine! I don't have the hang of the wheel yet, and I'm out of my comfort zone. The Ashford I could spin with my eyes closed. Practice makes perfect, right?

I had to frog some of MrG tonight.. I must have been knitting too fast, and blew by a set of increases. Before I would have had a fit, but now that I'm knitting continental, it's not as big a deal.

Anyway.. the buzzer is buzzing, and I need to attend to the fiber. I hope your day kicked some serious butt.

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