Saturday, January 5, 2008

The good, bad and indifferent

Yesterday was a pretty good day, overall. BF is feeling better, and I am too. I took a nosedive into the land of flu on Thursday. Anyway, here's the deal. This summer I saw the Yarn Harlot's version of the Baby Surprise Jacket, and so that caused me to need one EZ book (but to actually buy three - because I'm like that). My plan was to spin for the jacket, and I did, but never felt compelled to cast it on. Plan B involved collecting up bits of extra project yarn and knitting it with that. Well, didn't happen either. However, yesterday, the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted (Sherbet) decided that it wanted to be the BSJ, and so it's cast on, and I'm on row 12ish. I think it would be better in stripes, but we'll call this the test BSJ, and it'll be in varigated instead.

I was really nervous about this knit because of EZ's method of instruction. Pithy, right? Then I remembered that I had copied Dawn Adcock's 'Baby Surprise Sweater Notes' some months ago, and, phew... all is well. I would highly suggest that you do the same if you're about to embark on your first BSJ.

Moving on. There I was, on my hands and knees, digging through one of my craft boxes and I found THE RULER.

Only the other day I was walking down memory lane (this happens when you become 50; you find yourself wondering about some little thing that happened in 1908), remembering THE RULER. My mother had given it to me when I was a compulsive teenage knitter; she'd had it in her knitting basket since the beginning of time. Personally, I can't remember a time when that ruler wasn't in the house. I have had it for probably 35 years or more, and it had become misplaced. I couldn't believe that I had been so careless with an object that was really dear to my heart. Had I become so blase about knitting that I'd just tossed it somewhere? Worse, had I lost it? Was it gone forever?

Thankfully, no. Phew... Apparently I'd taken it from the knitting basket and used it for some paper-related project, then neglected to replace it. Now it's where it ought to be, and all is well with in my little world.

Last night BF needed to pick up a few tapes for his camcorder. He suggested that since we were out that we might have dinner at Tiffins. Ever been there? Man, you ought to. Being a creature of habit, I normally order Butter Chicken, but decided that I'd have me a plate of Lamb curry instead. (Note to self: don't mess with a sure thing).

So that's my story. I'm sticking to it. Turns out that the title of this blog should have been: The good, the excellent, and the totally OK.

And back to bed with me. It's 5am'ish, which is technically the middle of the night if you ask me. Which you didn't.

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