Monday, March 10, 2008

Blocking the Swallowtail.

Blocking Gallery

Click on 'Blocking Gallery' to see the Swallowtail in the process of being blocked. This is the first time I've used foam mats, and I think it is one of the most useful blocking tools ever. The wires I'm using are quite sturdy... I don't want flex on this project, so I'm using 1/8" blocking wires as opposed to the standard (1/16"). The finished blocked shawl measures approximately 60" x 32" as is. I think that's a pretty nice size really. I didn't modify the pattern in any way other than using beads instead of nups.

I think that Evelyn Clark shawls are a HUGE bang for your buck. Not massive projects, not too difficult, short pattern repeats, you don't need miles and miles of yarn, great instructions, and they can be blocked into a very nice size. This shawl ran about $40. The last one I did was about $20 of sock yarn. The next will be less than $200 in bison. The range is only limited by your imagination, since her instructions often include options for different weights of yarn.

I love this shawl so much that I am tempted to cast on another. However... I have that bison on the way, and the first Year of Lace kit is scheduled to arrive shortly. I'm gonna be really busy, really soon.


Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous Swallowtail Annie....I'm wiping the drool off my keyboard!!
Love the colourway too....great choice and the beads are perfect.
Beautiful. Just beautiful.

KC said...

Annie, Love the shawl! Great use of foam blocking board. I love your blog, but when I see the pups up for adoption, it makes me want to take them all home. I am such a softy, esp. with little dogs. Please tell me they all find good homes? The shipping from you to me would be soo expensive, you would have to bring them and come for a visit! Take care, Kathy in Tucson

Annie said...

I've written to kc directly, but wanted to comment here that it is actually quite difficult to adopt a healthy dog from the pound. a small dog? almost impossible. it took us a couple of years to get spike and roxy and there were only 4 dogs total that we ever got to visit with (during those 2 years of being put on waitlist after waitlist)