Sunday, March 9, 2008

Swallowtail, and half a monkey


Kathleen and I started a little KAL featuring the Swallowtail shawl pattern and one lone skein of Curious Creek Wasonga sock yarn (the KAL is on the Ravelry Make One Yarnies, if you're interested in joining). It's really a fabulous yarn choice; knits up soft with lovely stitch definition. We both chose the Autumn in New England colourway. Kathleen is working on 3.25mm needles, and I'm way up there at 4.5mm.

When I knit the nup section of the pattern I noticed that my needles were too blunt, even with very loose yarn overs. I had to resort to knitting them off with 0's, and using sewing thread, tacked down a few loose loops. Almost instantly, I fell out of love with my Swallowtail, and felt like it wasn't good enough to be a gift.. that I'd keep it for myself.

After a day or so or ruminating on the darned thing, I decided to rip it back to the main chart, and use beads. I actually had the right colour at home; enough to get started anyway. Phew.. what a relief. It was the right decision, and I'm really pleased with the results. I should be finished knitting later this evening.

It's all about blocking baby. I can hardly wait.

Last night I cast off one Cookie A. Monkey sock. It's been hibernating for months, and I'm glad it's done. As soon as I recover from single sock syndrome, I'll knit the other. I'm wearing it anyway.. with whatever the heck strikes my fancy. This is how women with purple glasses and tiaras do things.


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