Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fearless. I steek, therefore I am.

Fearless, that is.

I LOVE this sweater for about a million reasons, and I have been putting off cutting it for I don't know how long. Today everyone has left the house for various reasons, and I thought ... the time is now. So here you go.

Hela, resting on my near vintage Janome. It sews forwards, and that's about it.


Here we go:


And the cutting part. Where's the bartender when you need him?



Almost done; no going back:


There she is... A CARDI.



Now. Anybody out there have the foggiest idea on how I put a zipper in her? As soon as my heart rate returns to normal I'll be trying to figure that one out.


knittinggrammy said...

Not being a great seamstress (I use duct tape for a hem) - the ABSOLUTE BEST way to put in a zipper into a handmade cardigan is to find a person in the local mall that does alterations (I use a granny in Village Square) and for the mere sum of $20 (including the zipper), viola' - my cardigan was complete!!

Linda said...

You are my TOTAL hero! Imagine - cutting one's knitting... on purpose!


*bows low*