Friday, March 14, 2008

Here it is friday


And it turned into a pretty good Friday, overall, after a rough start. Seems like a lot of people, including me, needed the day to realign. Anyway, lots of great people came by the shop for TGIF, and there were loads of customers as well; the place was hoppin.

I wore my new Rangoli hat, and it's just too groovy. Later I'll take a pic.. it was an easy knit and turned into a really fun hat. That's what I was hoping. I wore my gum boots too... Started a new fuzzy mohair triangle shawl. It's looking a bit strange to me, but I want it for warmth, so I figure it'll cooperate in the long run.

So... because this is one super boring (read: tired) blog... I'll post a Dida and Nini pic to spice things up. She's loving her Tentoes hand painted sling (it has a mendhi style painting on the back.. beautiful).



Anonymous said...

Dont i have the cutest daughter in ther world?!?!

Annie said...

no. i do. :) xoxox