Sunday, March 23, 2008

YOL - Hint 2

If you perchance have an original copy of the pattern (pre-saturday that is), and if you knit it and discover that row 7 really seems to need a decrease, you are in fact, not crazy.

If you are like me, then you'll have just done the darned decreases anyway to fudge the stitch count back to nirvana; & at a strategic point, looked it over, and decided that it's a pretty weird coincidence that you had the same issue in two spots. then.kept.knitting.

Well, turns out that the repeat box on rows 7 & 8 need to be moved 2 stitches to the left.

I haven't made it to rows 7 & 8 again recently, but I would imagine that things are going to be even easier after I do!

Am I going to frog? No darned way. Looks just fine as is.

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