Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter to you and yours...

I hope that it is a wonderful weekend and that you are able to spend it with your loved ones.

I've been doing that so far. Dida and I have been working on this:


They are her mittens, but I have been showing her how to knit continental and english methods at the same time in order to simplify (and speed up) stranded knitting. It's going well I think, and I love those mittens so much that I'm going to buy the pattern myself.

Nini is so darned cute that it's hard to get much knitting done, even if you TRY very hard.

I made Mug a hat:


It's Norah Gaughn's Sunflower Tam from Knitting Nature. I LOVE this hat, and this pattern. I've knit it once for myself, and this time I made it small for Mug. It fits her more like a pillbox toque than a tam, but it's so great, and she loves it. What more can you ask for a few hours' work and less than one ball of yarn?

I have started a very special lace project; that being the initial Year of Lace kit. It is amazing in every way, and the knitting is going very well for me so far (well.. until I dropped a number of stitches right off the needles). I have decided not to post much on Ravelry or my blog until the kit has arrived in the hands of members outside of Calgary. If I come up with any hints or suggestions, I'll post them, but I'll try to avoid spoilers and details. I can say that when one member picked up her kit she was reduced to tears of joy, and another ... well, she suggested that she might become sexually involved with the lace sample because of it's intoxicating beauty. Believe me, I thought long and hard in order to find suitable phrasing; that's not an exact quote!

So.. hint one: If you're going to put your knitting down, push it down the needles somewhat before picking it back up. D'oh.

Tonight is the second Formula One race, and we'll be watching that (if we can stay awake, that is) only to be woken up early for Aidan's easter egg hunt. There's enough sugar stashed at eye level or lower to ramp him up for at least the day. Phew...

Pray for us.

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