Saturday, March 29, 2008

It j-j-j-jiggled

The Lendrum that is. All I wanted was a solid, quiet wheel. And what I had was this mad shaky thing that would just go bonkers... Seemed like it had a harmonic shiver. Anyway, it turns out that the flier needed 2.1 grams of weight on the non-clip side. It was unbalanced. Cal gave me another flier to use while he was working with mine, and so I spun all night tonight. It's like a different wheel, completely. I'm happy now and soon I'll turn into one of those people who swear up and down that the Lendrum is the *only* wheel.

Mandie (Ewe Give Me The Knits) sent me a 100 gram sample of Optim that she'd dyed; a glorious 'Aquatic' (the perfect name for it, none other would do). I'd never spun it before, and had heard both positive and negative feedback on Optim (in general). Before I put it on the wheel, I finished up spinning the 100 grams of Merino that I had dyed and slightly felted. It was the perfect preamble for spinning Optim. I actually like its tendencies, and I was really comfortable spinning it. At first I thought I'd ply it with some black Suri Merino single that I spun a while ago, but I've got it so thin that I think I'll self-ply. It looks exactly like silk...

Ok, tonight was really special. Did you know that it was Earth Hour between 8 and 9pm? BF told me about it a while ago, and we decided that we were going to do it (turn out the lights). What we ended up doing was shutting everything in the house off for that hour, and we had a family snuggle and a big talk in the twilight. It was great, and we're going to have Earth Hour monthly.

Some great ideas come from Australia, don't you think?

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Linda said...

I love the idea of Earth Hour. We cheated, because we were out at a Laurie Anderson concert in Boston, but we left only the porch light on while we were out, so not bad. I would definitely do this every month. Talk about painless conservation!