Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well, I'm a Gilli; Dida too

A Gilli-hook is a Nordic device that allows one to attach a ball of yarn to their clothing, and thus, never be idle. Also, it's the name of the Calgary Knitting Guild. We attended a meeting on Wednesday night, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and joined the guild. There were also quite a few ladies that I recognized from the yarn store (and one Tall Guy). The best part was Marilynn, but that's always the case, right?

The Helena jacket I'm knitting for Nini is just flying along.. All I have left to do is knit the sleeves. Somehow the associated ball of yarn has flown the coop, so it'll have to wait for another day. So tonight I spent a good part of the evening swatching for a sweater that Amy designed and I am in LOVE with. So far I haven't gotten gauge, despite owning a full set of Knitpick Harmony needles from Gigi, and many, many sets of Addis. I dunno.. I'm going to double check the gauge on Amy's actual sweater tomorrow and see if i can't figure it out. Maybe I've misread the pattern requirements.

Tonight at Make One we had a Blackberry Mojito happy hour. Well, I have to tell you, that as a woman who barely ever drinks, a Blackberry Mojito turned out to be a very fine thing indeed. I drank a whole one, and in the process, I carded a dozen or more batts. Each one turned out better than the last; it was suggested that I drink more often!

Sometimes you have to ask for things, and tonight is going to be one of those times. I have two friends who are in desperate need of prayer and positive thoughts. One is the child of my friend Krista. She's a wee babe, and in the ER tonight. The other is my friend Kelly; her dad has entered the last stages of his life, and Kelly is expecting a baby.

Thank you, Michelle, for loaning me the CD. I'll be putting it on my iPod tonight.

Above is a beautiful baby for your viewing pleasure. Her aunt was second runner up for Miss Canada in 2007. I believe that we might have something genetic going on here!

pssst.. If the needles arrive, the second Year of Lace package could go out this weekend. It is soooooo gorgeous.

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denny says hi said...

carding and drinking eh? i like it.